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CWS-boco comes from Germany, is a leading position in the international Brand Company, serves the global history has been more than one hundred years, the scope of services including the washroom products service, cushion custom service, uniform tooling washing and customization service, cleanroom service. Over the years, CWS-boco refine on continuously with its high quality products and high standards of service, we are committed to providing customers with a one-stop solution, more save worry, more clean, more healthy.

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CWS-boco offer customers one-stop services. We provode professional services such as deliverying, sorting, washing, etc. We also have plants in Shanghai and Beijing. Each plant is more than 5000 square meters. We continuously increase energy efficiencies and promote sustainable services.


Our Modern Service Concept. We Care You.

  • We Care Sustainability.
  • We Care Spirit.
  • We Care Results.
  • We Care Quality.
  • We Care Integrity.
  • We Care People.